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A certain mathematical ability to make guesses that we can't put into language quite yet but that turn out to be right once we think them through, which arises both as a natural talent and out of experience of working intensely with the same mathematical objects for a long time.

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answered Apr 26 '16 at 10:09
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;) Intuition is just a pretentious word for "enough experience to know how it works without consciously thinking about it". Daniel Fischer Apr 26 '16 at 12:07
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An example. In set theory describing sets intuitively means leaving some terms of a definition undefined and thereby relying on common sense so as to its meaning. Several paradoxes came from this.

In order to avoid these paradoxes an axiomatic approach to set theory arose where attempt was made at greater formalization. Whilst being more precise it is more terse and so not as 'intuitive' and therefore more difficult to grasp without knowing the "local context".

Thereby when someone asks for a an intuitive understanding, they want an answer which is grounded in common sense.

answered Apr 21 '16 at 17:43
Are you sure? My intuition about set theory says otherwise. Asaf Karagila AmoonyFashion Womens HighHeels Solid Round Closed Toe Frosted LaceUp Boots Red 2sr8eL
Hence the importance of shared context for intuitive explanations! AmoonyFashion Womens Pointed Closed Toe KittenHeels Soft Material Solid AnkleHigh PumpsShoes Black Y9WdusQNa
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I think that questions of the form

are inherently I'll posed.

Some time ago I dared to ask a similar question on some intuition on another SE site and got a comment like

Intuition is not something that is behind some result or proof or such. It's something that is in one's mind. And minds differ. Some people find geometric arguments intuitive, others can't visualize more than two dimensions. Some prefer analogies to ecological or even psychological situations (think of all the riddles involving hats, prisoners and stuff), others get distracted by such analogies.

So I think any answer should state "My intuition is..." or "I explain this to me like...".

What is the intuition behind...

(1) When agencies acquire products and services, various statutes and executive orders (identified in part 23) require consideration of sustainable acquisition (see subpart Henry Ferrera Womens Ankle Rain Boots With Elastic Design Black Floral yjbss
) including--

(i) Energy-efficient and water-efficient services and products (including products containing energy-efficient standby power devices) (subpart 23.2 );

(ii) Products and services that utilize renewable energy technologies (subpart 23.2 );

(iii) Products containing recovered materials (subpart 23.4 );

(iv) Biobased products (subpart 23.4 );

(v) Environmentally preferable products and services, including EPEAT®-registered electronic products and non-toxic or low-toxic alternatives (subpart IDIFU Womens Fashion Slip On Round Toe Block High Heeled Platform Pumps Shoes With Bows Black yf2SWp0Wnl
); and

(vi) Non-ozone depleting substances, and products and services that minimize or eliminate, when feasible, the use, release, or emission of high global warming potential hydrofluorocarbons, such as by using reclaimed instead of virgin hydrofluorocarbons (subpart fereshte Unisex Couple Womens Mens Short Ankle Rain Boots Slip On Winter Chelsea Booties With Elastic goring No 542 Gray and White JpfmE6WL

(2) Unless an exception applies and is documented by the requiring activity, Executive agencies shall, to the maximum practicable, require the use of products and services listed in paragraph (d)(1) of this section when--

(i) Developing, reviewing, or revising Federal and military specifications, product descriptions (including commercial item descriptions), and standards;

(ii) Describing Government requirements for supplies and services; and

(iii) Developing source-selection factors.

(e) Some or all of the performance levels or performance specifications in a solicitation may be identified as targets rather than as fixed or minimum requirements.

(f) In accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794d), requiring activities must prepare requirements documents for electronic and information technology that comply with the applicable accessibility standards issued by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board at 36 CFR part 1194 (see SAGUARO Men Women QuickDry Water Shoes Thick Sole Skin Aqua Socks Barefoot For Beach Yoga Exercise Dark Blue zraJ21wa

(g) Unless the agency Chief Information Officer waives the requirement, when acquiring information technology using Internet Protocol, the requirements documents must include reference to the appropriate technical capabilities defined in the USGv6 Profile (NIST Special Publication 500-267) and the corresponding declarations of conformance defined in the USGv6 Test Program. The applicability of IPv6 to agency networks, infrastructure, and applications specific to individual acquisitions will be in accordance with the agency’s Enterprise Architecture (see OMB Memorandum M-05-22 dated August 2, 2005).

By IDIFU Womens Dressy Sequined High Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Low Top Slip On Wedding Pumps Shoes Black Ntk8Qf
Aug 14, 2017
Nathan Lawrence

Central Missouri is on the path of totality for the upcoming solar eclipse. That means that the sun will completely disappear from view for a few minutes during the middle of the day. Intersection's Sara Shahriari and Harvest Public Media reporter Kris Husted talk with Mizzou Professor and Director of Astronomy Angela Speck about studying animal reactions, citizen data gathering and exactly how the moon and the sun line up to create daytime darkness.

By Wanted Shoes Womens Punk Ballet Flat Gold P4YBUGbaR
May 1, 2017

This week on Intersection we are joined by William Trogdon, who writes under the name William Least Heat-Moon, to discuss his new novel, “Celestial Mechanics.”

The novel follows Silas Fortunato, an amateur astronomer, through a serious accident and life-changing relationships with three women. The novel is set in a place inspired by Columbia and Boone County. Heat-Moon is also the author of books including “Blue Highways” and “PrairyErth”.

Listen here:

By BalaMasa Ladies Chunky Heels Platform PullOn Suede PumpsShoes Black 2a9Czo
AllhqFashion Womens KittenHeels Solid Round Closed Toe Frosted LaceUp Boots Black Fi8jQKJi
Apr 25, 2017

This week on Intersection, we continue our look at Columbia's new Unified Development Ordinance.

By Sara Shahriari adidas outdoor Womens Gsg9 Trail Running Shoe Raw Purple/Black/Super Purple XNbVOia
Apr 18, 2017

This week on Intersection, Columbia Mayor Brian Treece joins us to discuss the Unified Development Ordinance, which took effect at the end of March. The new zoning code is the biggest comprehensive reform to zoning in Columbia since the 1950s. Treece says some of the changes include strengthening protections for neighborhoods and increasing parking requirements for large residential developments.

By Claire Banderas Apr 12, 2017
Claire Banderas / KBIA

This week on Intersection, representatives from the College Language Association, or CLA, join us to discuss its yearly convention, which was held in Columbia late last week. The CLA was founded in 1937, when black professors and scholars were looking for research and publication opportunities, but weren't welcomed into other professional organizations. The panel discussed the importance of maintaining the organization’s history of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Clément Akassi is the president of the association, Dr. Donna Harper is the vice president. Dr.

By Sara Shahriari Claire Banderas Apr 3, 2017

Columbia's First Ward City Council candidates joined us to share their priorities. The election is April 4. Candidates discussed their views on housing, infrastructure, community policing and social equity.

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